WHMCS 7.6 Nulled

WHMCS Namespinning

Introducing new and improved Domain Namespinning from WHMCS.  WHMCS Namespinning ranks and returns relevant domain name suggestions across a wide range of TLDs to help drive more domain registrations.  Utilising machine learning technology, WHMCS Namespinning delivers more relevant suggestions by working to understand the context of your customer’s queries, delivers marketing leading speed and performance plus has multi-language support.  WHMCS Namespinning is being made available free of charge to all WHMCS users.

WHMCS Namespinning is enabled by default for new installations.  On upgrade, if you are currently using the WHMCS Standard WHOIS, you will be automatically upgraded to use the new Domain Namespinning feature.  To change this behaviour, navigate to Setup > Domain Registrars > Lookup Provider after upgrading.

Domain availability lookup and domain name suggestions continues to be a distinct feature from domain order fulfillment. You can use WHMCS Namespinning with any registrar.

Font Awesome 5

There are a significant number of changes to the naming and styling of icons, and while we've done our best to minimise changes, there are a number of template changes required by the Font Awesome 5 migration.

It is important to take care to apply all of these changes to your custom templates to avoid missing or broken icons. You can learn more how to upgrade your customisations by reviewing the Font Awesome Upgrading from version 4document. If you desire, Font Awesome does provide a shim that can dynamically convert v4 style to v5 style on page load, however we do not recommend this for long term usage due to the potential for visual, behavior, and performance impacts.

New MaxMind Functionality

WHMCS 7.6 includes changes to the MaxMind module, including the update to a newer MaxMind API, which requires a MaxMind User ID to be provided for authentication. If MaxMind is enabled in WHMCS, you must enter your MaxMind User ID for fraud checking to continue functioning. Failure to enter the User ID will result in MaxMind API requests failing. It is important to note that a MaxMind fraud check failure due to bad user credentials results being treated as a fraud check pass.

To enter the User ID, an administrative user with appropriate permissions needs to visit Setup > Fraud Protection > MaxMind, and enter the User ID into the appropriate field. To obtain your User ID from MaxMind, login at https://www.maxmind.com and visit the "My License Key" page.

The newer API integration in WHMCS 7.6 also makes available the Score, Insights and Factors MaxMind services.

New Weebly Plans

WHMCS 7.6 makes available two new Weebly plans via MarketConnect.  These plans include:

  1. Weebly Lite - an entry level offering for a single page site for just $1.99/mo (RRP)
  2. Weebly Performance - an e-commerce option designed for power sellers providing additional e-commerce related functionality

On upgrade, if Weebly is active and enabled within your WHMCS installation, the two new plans will be created and made available automatically.

To learn more about Weebly or modify or disable the new plans, simply navigate to Setup > MarketConnect > Weebly after upgrading.

MarketConnect UX Updates

MarketConnect has a number of new features in WHMCS 7.6:

  • Optimised user experience with promotions and upsells
  • New and improved design and styling for client area and shopping cart promotions
  • New sidebar promotion options for all MarketConnect services
  • Native built-in translation support for translating and/or customising promotions and upsell messaging

Google reCaptcha

Google reCaptcha is now available for cart checkout. If enabled, the captcha input will replace the the Complete Checkout button until the challenge is met. For a completely seamless and nature experience, Invisible reCaptcha can be used. When using this option, the checkout button will appear as normal and the captcha challenge will be performed silently in the background for the visitor by Google's latest bot detection algorithms. Learn More

Deprecation & Removal Notices

During the v7.6.0 update, a one-time routine will inspect and attempt to the following modules due to discontinued service by the service provider. Removal will only occur if it is not actively in use. The Activity Log will have a list of any removals. As well, if removal is not performed and the module remains in your installation, an email will be generated for all full admins so that further investigation can be performed. Inspection will be performed for the following modules:

  • DistributeIT
  • GlobalSign OneClick SSL
  • Amazon Simple Pay
  • SecPay

Library Updates

The following libraries have been updated

  • phpmailer/phpmailer: 5.2.21 to 5.2.26
  • smarty/smarty: 3.1.29 to 3.1.32
  • tecnickcom/tcpdf: 6.2.12 to 6.2.17

The following libraries have been added

  • phpseclib/mcrypt_compat: 1.0.5
  • phpmyadmin/sql-parser: 4.2.4